This project transformed an out of date condo into a wonderful, modern and beautiful home.  With large windows overlooking the marsh her Calcutta Gold Marble kitchen counter tops add to the scenery not taking away from it.  And that is exactly what she was going for.  The full marble backsplash has been perfect bookmarked so that the design of the slab is continued from the counter tops up the wall.  The bathrooms which also include white marbles are simple, elegant and relaxing.  This home is ready for any magazine cover displaying the beauty of white marble.



Omni Plantation

"I contracted with Marble Masters to fabricate all the surfaces in the  house my husband I were building because  of all the wonderful comments I heard from others who used their company   "

Amelia Island

"I decided to go with Calcutta Gold marble and Tasso marble through out the house. They skillfully  guided me in the choice of the edges and had me come to the work room to see how each piece would be laid out and cut.

Testimonial by Mrs Pavey

"Their highly skilled craftsman did an incredible job of matching the veining, as a result, the surfaces are more beautiful then I could have imagined.  


I give Marble Master five out of five stars""

  • White Marble Kitchen Counter Tops
  • Marble Vanity Tops

  • Marble Flooring and Wall Tile
  • Full Marble Kitchen Backsplashes
  • Decorative Stone Vanity Backsplash



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